ISMANAM meeting
Warsaw University of Technology

Plenary and Invited Lectures

Plenary Lectures

Mariana Calin
Biomedical potential of metallic glasses

Brian Cantor
Multicomponent High-Entropy Cantor Alloys

Takeshi Egami
Dialectical Approach to the Structure of Metallic Glass

Annett Gebert
Additive manufacturing and advanced surface design of metastable Ti alloys for biomedical use

A. Lindsay Greer
Crystallization of metallic glasses

Akihisa Inoue
Development and Industrialization of Zr- and Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glasses

Kenneth F. Kelton
A Perspective on Metallic Liquids and their Relation to Glasses

Yi Li
Rejuvenation of Metallic Glasses

Jörg F. Löffler
Ultrafast calorimetry on bulk metallic glasses

Nicoleta Lupu
Soft Magnetic Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Thin Wires: The Interplay Between Disordered Structure and Cylindrical Symmetry

Evan Ma
Desirable mechanical properties and irradiation tolerance delivered by high-entropy alloys

Paul Voyles
Dynamics of Metallic Glass Forming Liquid Surfaces and Bulk

Wei Hua Wang
Glassy dynamics and dynamics-property relationship

Gerhard Wilde
The impact of deformation or relaxation on the atomic structure, self-diffusion and atomic mobility in bulk metallic glasses

Invited Lectures

Jerzy Antonowicz
Ultrafast structural phase transitions in Pd and Pd-Si thin films

Hai-Yang Bai
High-throughput fabrication and characterization of metallic glasses

Javier Blázquez Gámez
Single solid solutions in high entropy alloys. Mechanical alloying stabilization and a proposed figure of merit

Walter José Botta Filho
Optimizing corrosion and wear resistance of multicomponent Fe-based glass-forming alloys for coatings applications

Ralf Busch
56 years of amorphous Ni-Nb alloys: from ribbons through bulk glass casting to additive manufacturing

Kamanio Chattopadhyay
Alloying chemistry effects in ordered γ' containing compositionally complex CoNiCrFeAlNbTi high entropy alloys

Wojciech Dmowski
Relation of non-affine strains to plasticity of BMG

Jürgen Eckert
Overcoming the Strength-Ductility Tradeoff in High Entropy Alloys

Marina Galano
Development of nanocomposites with a metastable Al Based matrix

Konstantinos Georgarakis
Exploring Metallic Glass Foils in Novel Spring-Type Applications

Pedro Gorría
Rapid-quenched R-TM intermetallic ribbons: crystal structure, microstructure, and magnetocaloric properties

Jean-Marc Grenéche
The role of grain boundaries in Fe-based magnetic nanostructures

Do Hyang Kim
Ti-Ni based metallic glass exhibiting superelasticity after crystallization

Mo Li
From patterning heterogeneity to nanoglass: A new approach to harden and toughen metallic glasses

Pilar Marín
Emerging wireless magnetic biosensors based on amorphous magnetic materials

Josep Nogués
Magnetoplasmonic nanodomes as a novel structure for biomedical applications

Mauro Palumbo
Predicting glass-forming ability using machine learning: new tools for an old challenge

Eun Soo Park
Critical Cooling Rate vs Critical Heating Rate in Glass-forming Alloys

John Perepezko
Nanocalorimetry Examination of Primary Crystallization in Metallic Glass

Ruitao Qu
Strength and toughness of metallic glass at a micrometer scale

Paola Rizzi
Dealloying as an advanced and facile synthesis technique for the production of nanoporous metals

Ivan Škorvánek
Rapidly Annealed High-Bs Soft Magnetic FeCo-Based Nanocrystalline Alloys for Applications at Elevated Temperatures

Tony Spassov
Porous metals obtained by dealloying as suitable electrodes in ion batteries

Mihai Stoica
In-depth analysis of an (Fe36Co36B19.2Si4.8Nb4)99.5Cu0.5 nanocrystalline alloy with tailorable magnetic properties

Peter Švec
Fe-B based metallic glasses and evolution of their structure and properties over long time scales

Zbigniew Śniadecki
Design of new hard magnetic materials by means of semi-empirical and ab initio calculations

Paola Tiberto
Magnetic properties comparison of Fe-Si-B based amorphous alloys produced by melt-spinning and selective laser melting

Arcady Zhukov
Development of amorphous microwires with graded magnetic anisotropy